This is about life in our family with tips & tricks, failures and successes.

We are an Aussie country family, mum (me or mrs/ms), step dad (mr), and four kids – 2 girls and 2 boys, plus two dogs and 10 cows.

We have had our share of experiences and are just a bunch of ordinary people.

We have been married, separated, divorced, and a single parent. We have lived with mental health. We have one with a university degree and one without. We have been business owners and worked for wages. We have made hobbies into businesses and just kept other things as hobbies. And we both love tinkering with crafty things from woodwork (mr) to Vinyl for me.

We have different passions to each other like books vs gaming, cooking vs eating.

I dislike housework so try and find shortcuts. My family is the most important thing in my life. I hate keeping up with the Jones and tend to do my own thing. I love learning new things all the time. My end goal is having passive income and to share my knowledge with others.

My kids are aged between 22 and 14. They all have different personalities and interests. I have one girly girl teenager who puts make up on most days and then another that rarely wears it. I have two kids that are book worms and two that rarely pick up a book. I have two that always do/did their school work without having to be asked and two that you need to put a bomb under.

They all are experts on social media which of course is pretty common in today’s society. All in all my kids are just ordinary kids. They love Netflix, social media, xboxes and PlayStations, eating a lot, laughing a lot, and not cleaning up after themselves.

So thats a snap shot of us. We hope you will enjoy our stories and our lessons, and that we can help you in someone, whether it be with a recipe, or a financial tip, or just feeling like you are not battling on your own and alone out there.