My intention for this blog is to help others.

Whether this is via a recipe, and exercise tip, a monetary tip, or just by being real.

I want people to feel they aren’t alone. That real families are not always full of happiness and laughter. That tragedies and hardships happen to all of us. But that it’s how we react and deal with these that make the difference.

I don’t want to be someone that is so far removed from real life troubles they forget what it can mean to ask someone to spend $10 on something.

I want to be able to pass on my growing knowledge to help others that may want to follow the same path.

If I come across a good book or a great article I’d love to be able to share that with my followers. And the same applies with a good recipe or a good exercise program. And I hope my followers can in turn share things with me, or pay it forward.

I look forward to my journey.

Thanks for taking the time to be a part of it.