Creating simplicity one day at a time

Empowering women to transform their lives from Chaos to Calm!

Do you have dreams and goals that you don’t want to quit on?

Do you feel like you are a little off track or even lost?

Do you feel like there is something missing in your life?

Are you sick of feeling overwhelmed and stressed?

Are you ready to get your life into alignment?

Is something keeping you up at night?

Do you want to understand your financial reports, learn to plan for the future, and reach the business goals that you dream of?

Are you sick of feeling like you are on a hamster wheel?

Do you want to take your business to the next level?

Do you have a million ideas but you don’t know how to get clear on one?

We are passionate in helping women to create simplicity in their lives by reducing clutter in their business, home and mind.

We focus on the organisation of their business, providing the skills to understand, manage and plan their own finances, simplifying and automating repetitive tasks in their business and home, allowing them to live a less chaotic, more organised life, to feel less stressed and more in control and to take charge of their financial future.



In the office and at home, tips to save you time, reduce your stress and feel in control

Money Management

We break down the jargon and show you how to take control of your money and know your numbers


You have the power to make all your dreams come true. We will show you how to take control of your most powerful tool.

Self Care

Learning to take out time for your own needs and filling your own cup

Our Values

Our core values are:





Honesty and


We believe in the chaotic modern-day world we live in, that everyday personal and business tasks can be systemised to make life simpler, less stressful and more enjoyable.

One of our favourite quotes is

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away.”

It’s time to not be just alive, but to start living!

Does this sound like you?

You feel constantly unorganised in your business or at home (or both).

You are always chasing your tail.

You feel like there is never enough time.

You are struggling to get or keep a routine. You feel like your health is suffering due to tiredness and/or stress.

You are stuck in rut.

You want more out of life.

You don’t have a clear direction in your business.

You have no clue what all your numbers are telling you.

You are surrounded by stuff and you don’t know where to start.

You just want things to slow down!

How we can help you?

We take things back to basics, remove all the jargon that Accountants speak, and help you finally get off the mouse wheel.

We can train you in Xero software to help you keep track of your business finances.

We will provide you with not only the knowledge to take control of your life but the tools to stay on track.

We won’t do the hard work for you, but we will lead you through a process of self-discovery, to work through any blocks you have that are holding you back from living your best life.

And most importantly, we help you to continue to fill up your own cup daily so you continue to stay in alignment. (Work-life balance is a load of crap!!)

Are you ready for change?

Nothing comes easy, and you have to work for what you really want. But that doesn’t mean it needs to be hard.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and stressed, too busy to enjoy your life and feeling like you are constantly stuck in the rat race, then the time to make change is NOW!

We love working with women that are committed to living their best lives, that are passionate about achieving results and open to change.

What you have been doing has got you to where you are now. In order to reach your goals and dreams, it’s time to make changes and do something different.

Life really doesn’t need to be hard, and happiness comes with simple things. A few new systems and habits can make all the difference.

Are you ready for change?

Our Services


We have Life and Business Coaching Packages to suit all needs and budgets. If you are ready to commit to taking control of your life and/or your business, then pop over and pick a package to suit you.


Check out our growing range of course. From learning about your numbers to nutting out your niche and getting clear on your message. We cut out the jargon and get back to basics.

Group support

Join our facebook group for support from ourselves and your peers. Where no question is a silly question.

About Me

I am a mum of 4 children & 1 grandchild, with plenty of life experience. I have been married, a carer for a partner suffering from mental health, divorced, a single mum, and now remarried. I juggle many hats and continue to find new hobbies that I just can’t resist. I love cooking, dislike housework (so try and find shortcuts), love to read and listen to podcasts, addicted to craft, and am self-confessed hoarder of pretty notebooks and pens.

With 30 years of Business and Accounting experience, I can help you to understand your numbers and your reports, to learn to set up budgets, monitor your cash flow, prepare a business plan and all the nerdy things that many business owners and entrepreneurs avoid. I can help you work through your business goals and make improvements in your business.

If you are confused about what it is that you want to do or what your next step should be, I can work through with you to clear the blocks and gain clarity over your visions.


“I had a session with Michelle regarding an introduction to Xero. As I had never used the platform previously, Michelle was thorough and clearly explained the basic points I needed to know for the everyday use of my business. She’s really lovely, easy to chat with and really patient with answering any questions. I highly recommend Michelle for her great understanding” Samantha Hales

“Michelle helped me to knock procrastination on the head and stop the excuses I was finding from getting in my way. She helped to keep me accountable.” Kate

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