Often we make plans and something gets in the way to muck up those plans. That is really called the rollercoaster of LIFE. Hi there! My name is Michelle and I’m a proud mum of 4. Two girls, two boys aged between 15 and 22. My very significant other (now hubby) is Doug, who is the most amazing and supportive man to myself and my kids. I could not have asked for a better man. We also have two dogs. Throttle (a bitza) and Poppy (a staffy). (Our horrible neighbour recetly shot this one. Very sad moment in the family) My 2018 started out like most other years. A lazy day after NYE with friends. A reflection of what I had achieved the prior year and the setting of goals and things I wanted to achieve this year and in the next few years. 7 days later this was all put on hold and my children’s lives changed forever as their father passed away. Now I’m not going into all of that at this stage. But I will say there is nothing like death for people to stop and look at their own lives, their achievements, their dreams, and their possessions and the importance or unimportance of these things. For me, I’m a glass half full kind of a person. I always try to take good out of a bad situation, and because of that, I feel my life is less stressful than it could otherwise be. I try to live a positive life and take the attitude that everything happens for a reason good or bad. And then I try and learn from the lesson life provides. Things I have learned from that year (and in some cases already knew but needed a reminder) are:
  1. Your health is the most important thing;
  2. Always be financially set up for emergencies;
  3. We can be surrounded by “things” but not necessarily want or need all of the “stuff”.
I am just going to touch briefly on these as they are extensive topics in themselves. Your health. It’s a funny thing that we take for granted when we are in good health, and it’s not until there is something wrong that we are really prompted to make changes in our life. This may be giving up smoking for some people, losing weight and making better food choices, and being a little more active. Now, this is really finding what your “why” is. The bigger the why, the more likely we are to take action. Financial security. There is nothing better than the financial security of being able to make choices and not have your choices made for you because of the money in your bank. Stuff. We want it, we love it, we are surrounded by it, but how much of it do we really need? Sometimes letting go of some or a lot of this is such a feeling of freedom. As the saying goes we often spend money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like. This year I am going to concentrate on getting my life where I want it to be. By this I mean get rid of the kilos I don’t want, or that is making me unhealthy and more at risk of health problems, and be more active. I am setting up my financial security so I can call the shots not my bank. And I am getting rid of the accumulation of stuff that serves me no joy. I will work through these and post on my progress, my discoveries, and roadblocks. I don’t want any extreme diets or budgets. But hopefully, I can inspire you to make the necessary changes in your own lives whatever they may be. My intention for this blog is to help others. Whether this is via a recipe, and exercise tip, a monetary tip, or just by being real. I want people to feel they aren’t alone. That real families are not always full of happiness and laughter. That tragedies and hardships happen to all of us. But that it’s how we react and deal with these that make the difference. I don’t want to be someone that is so far removed from real life troubles they forget what it can mean to ask someone to spend $10 on something. I want to be able to pass on my growing knowledge to help others that may want to follow the same path. If I come across a good book or a great article I’d love to be able to share that with my followers. And the same applies to a good recipe or a good exercise program. And I hope my followers can, in turn, share things with me, or pay it forward. I look forward to my journey. Thanks for taking the time to be a part of it. I thought I would end with our morning view from our deck. Doug & I sit here to have our morning coffee every day and catch a breath at the end of the day. Life’s good!!