My eldest daughter and I went through a phase of watching a chick flick on a Sunday night and doing the folding. She was the eldest of 4 and was in that 15 to 17 year old stage and I was a single mum at the time.

We had favourite movies and favourite parts, including moments where “he” (the hero in the movie) did “the look”. I’m not sure if others really got what we were talking about but it was the moment when he had that “I’m in love with her” look on his face with puppy dog eyes.

There were some Sunday nights where we just couldn’t decide what to watch and would spend half an hour googling and then end up too tired for a full movie. So here is our top list of chick flights we recommend at the moment. I am sure there have been some new ones come out or coming out, but these are our old favourites. I hope you enjoy and it helps you get unstuck when you don’t know what to watch.

(PS they aren’t in order of best to worst, it was more a brain dump of what we could think of.)

  1. The Holiday
  2. PS I love you
  3. Love Actually
  4. All about Steve
  5. 2 Weeks Notice
  6. About Time
  7. The Wedding Planner
  8. The Lakehouse
  9. The Ugly Truth
  10. He’s just not into you
  11. Valentines Day
  12. New Year’s Eve
  13. While you were sleeping
  14. 27 Dresses
  15. Friends with a Benefit
  16. Titanic
  17. Ghost
  18. Ghost of Girlfriends Past
  19. How to lose a guy in 10 Days
  20. The Notebook
  1. The Lucky One
  2. The Vow
  3. Dear John
  4. Safe Haven
  5. A Walk to remember
  6. 16 Candles
  7. You’ve Got Mail
  8. Sleepless in Seattle
  9. The Breakfast Club
  10. Pretty in Pink
  11. The Longest Ride
  12. 10 things I hate about you
  13. The Bounty Hunter
  14. Bridget Jones 1
  15. Bridget Jones 2
  16. Bridget Jones Baby
  17. The Last Song
  18. Life as we know it
  19. The Switch
  20. Love Happens
  1. Coyote Ugly
  2. Because I said so
  3. Must Love Dogs
  4. Serendipity
  5. Sliding door
  6. When Harry met Sally
  7. Somethings Got to give
  8. My Best Friends Wedding
  9. No Strings Attached
  10. Friends with Benefits
  11. What Happens in Vegas
  12. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
  13. It’s complicated
  14. The Break-Up
  15. Definitely Maybe
  16. We Bought a Zoo
  17. Maid in Manhattan
  18. Failure to Launch
  19. 500 Days of Summer
  20. No Reservations
  1. The Rebound
  2. Sweet home Alabama
  3. The Leap Year
  4. The Last Holiday
  5. Just Wright
  6. Something Borrowed
  7. Chasing Liberty
  8. Made of Honour
  9. First Daughter
  10. The proposal
  11. When in Rome
  12. Pretty woman
  13. Runaway Bride
  14. Message in a Bottle
  15. The Back-Up plan
  16. The wedding date
  17. The Answer Man
  18. Just go with it
  19. Rumour has it?
  20. Suddenly 30
  1. Hope Floats
  2. Dirty Dancing
  3. Nights in Rodanthe
  4. The Best of Me
  5. Never been kissed
  6. She’s the Man
  7. 50 First Dates
  8. Notting Hill
  9. Bridesmaid
  10. Letters to Juliet
  11. Princess Diaries
  12. Save the last dance
  13. 4 Wedding and a funeral
  14. A Cinderella story
  15. Step up
  16. Sex and the City
  17. The Prince and Me
  18. Water for Elephants
  19. The Devil Wears Prada
  20. The Confessions of a Shopaholic
  21. Couples Retreat

(All photos have been used for the purposes of assisting to review the movies only. We do not claim ownership of these pictures.)