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There are many of us that don’t go to the gym. The reasons why vary, from can’t afford the membership, class timetables don’t suit us, to far to travel, or can’t juggle other family commitments to name a few.

I used to go to a gym and I loved it at the time. The gym had everything for me to choose from including a pool, group classes, and the free weight section with treadmills and rowers. I enjoy my trainers and I felt comfortable no matter extra weight I was carrying. My gym membership was reasonable for the services it provided costing me about $60 per month.

But not all gyms are like that, and not everyone feels comfortable at the gym, particularly if they have not exercised in a long time or carry a large amount of weight.

I moved out of town and trekking it to the gym was no longer convenient. I also realised that my racing to the gym every night or early mornings meant we were not having dinner together as a family of an evening, or I was relying on my children waking to their alarms to get up for school until I got home, and sometimes they slept through it and the morning was even more hectic (I was a single mum at the time)

Disclaimer: This post may include affiliate links which means if you purchase anything through my affiliate links I receive a commission at no additional cost to you. My views and opinions are never effected by this and I pride myself in only recommending products and services I love!

So I have complied a list of the top 5 things I now use to assist my weight loss. I might add that most of these are free resources. I’ll also add I am an apple user owning both an iphone and iPad so I use these on an apple device. I will try and give an indication where I can find the information on whether things are also available for Android devices.

1. My Fitness Pal

I have used this app for around the past 6 years. It’s a great app for the phone and allows you to record food you have consumed throughout the day with the calories/kilojoules for each item. It also breaks it down into the amount carbs, fat, protein, sodium and sugars for each item.

You set your daily calorie/kilojoule limit so if you are trying to lose weight via a restriction of calories/kilojoules you can monitor your day. If you are unsure what the limit should be you have another option to set how much weight you want to lose a week and it will calculate the limit based on you sex.

You can also add in exercise you have done and it will deduct the calories off your day. The app has the ability to sync many fitness devices with it, such as Garmin, Polar, Fitbit, and Apple Health just to name a few.

Another option it has is recording your progress via your weight or your measurements. You can then review your progress over weeks, months or years.

if you have friends that also use the app you can connect and cheer one another on with the frequency that you login or a weight loss.

There is a paid version which has no ads and can further analyse food into macros, as well as many other features, but I have found the free version enough for me.

This appears to be available on both iTunes and google play.

2. Nike Training Club

One of my favourite apps for a good coached workout!

We can all be a little slack when it comes to doing a workout on our own.  I find this app gives me the extra push I need.

You can choose from sessions based on muscle groups, workout types or just browse the workout collections. You can also set up a plan based on your own needs (e.g weight loss, fitness etc) and the equipment if any that you have available, there are plenty that use body weight and no equipment at all. The plan allows you to chose the number of sessions a week and the equipment you want to use, then it will set out the sessions over a number of weeks.

It shows you a video of someone doing the exercise it’s prompting you to do, so you can ensure you are doing it correctly. It provides encouragement and has either a timer to allow you as many reps during a set time or allows you to click when your done and it prompts the next exercise. If you have a plan it will readjust the plan based on how well you are or aren’t doing.

This is a free app and is available on both iTunes and Google Play.

3. Nike Run Club

Similar to the Nike Training Club, the Nike Run Club has an assortment of runs to chose from with a variety of short or long distance runs. It has coached sessions and guided runs including a fun one I recently did with Kevin Hart the Comedian.

Like the Nike Training Club you can pick a plan and it will set up the sessions based on your goal. The only downfall I found recently is you can only have a plan set up in one of the clubs i.e Run Club or Training Club.

This again is a free app and is available on both iTunes and Google Play.

4. Yoga with Adriene

Until recently yoga wasn’t something I did very often. However, the older I am getting the less flexible I am getting and then I discovered this amazing exercise called “yoga”.

I primarily spend my days in front of a computer, unless of course I am doing jobs at home, or in any of our side line businesses or with my Doug in his business. These could be then doing anything from helping chop up wood in the cooler months, to mowing lawns, to making candles.

The yoga I have found is an amazing stretch. It works many muscles in the body, including some that I didn’t even know existed. ??

I came across Yoga with Adriene one day googling. She has a YouTube channel, and has some of the most enjoyable sessions, at a good speed, and has a very pleasant voice. (Some of the others I found are too quick, or slow, or have annoying voices that irritate me instead of relax me).

The other thing I have found the yoga session great for is to reduce my stress level. After a tough day at work, I can chose a session, and it clears my head as I am concentrating on my breathing and the poses.

Adriene also has some 30 day sessions where you do one a day and work your way through. Or you can search through her channel and find something specific like “text neck” or a “lower back and hip” session. Two of my favourites!!

Here is a link to her channel – Yoga with Adriene

5. The Healthy Mummy

I have signed up for a few 28 Day Challenges over the last year, and have now just signed up for two years with a great deal in the Black Friday sales recently. It was cheaper for the month then a single gym class!

This is a membership which provides both an eating plan, exercises and a support group. It has an app you can add to a phone or tablet or login to your computer.

It runs in 28 Day Challenges where you can track your progress and it will have a meal plan based on a theme like 5 ingredients, or a summer detox, or winter warmers etc. You can follow the meal plan or swap for a different recipe in the recipe library. They are family friendly and there are vegetarian options.

The exercises you can follow the daily plan or you can chose from exercises in the library which include Tabata, HIIT workouts, resistant bands and belly blasters to name a few. A lot of the videos are done by real mums that have lost weight and are on their own journeys. Also they are short and designed to be able to squeeze into your day where you have free moments. So you can join a few together if you have a free half hour or do a few short ones a couple times in the day.

There is also a Facebook Support Group where you can ask questions and connect with others doing the program.

There are many products you can buy including shakes, but they are not a requirement of the program. I have only recently purchaed a vanilla and a caramel shake which I might say are very yummy, and I love mixing with milk and a bit of coffee to make an delicious healthy ice coffee on the run.

The app is on both iTunes and Google Play once you sign up to the membership. You could also connect your laptop to your TV and get the exercises on the big screen.

There are always deals going so click on the link and check out what’s on offer. At the time of writing this there is a deal for 46 cents a day.

I hope this helps you to find an alternative for a gym membership, spend time with your loved ones and still look after your health without breaking the bank.

I would love to hear your comments if you choose to try any of these resources.

Until next time, stay healthy and happy, and enjoy living a simple life!!!

M xx ?