Are you a feeling a little off track with all the chaos at the moment. I was too!

I started the year like any other. Wrote my goals down into a new fresh book. Then I wrote them again into my new planner.

I must say while talking about my planner, it is much fancier this year as I decided I was worth it. It has a pretty cover, is split into two 6 month books, has daily to-do lists, schedules, meals section, a full month overview and monthly goal setting.

Anyway, as the months have past, and the world has gone a little crazy with the pandemic, I found I got off track on what I wanted to achieve for the year. My goals felt like they were buried in the back of both my mind and my new notebook.

After a week or so of feeling lost, I decided it was time to find my mojo and reset.

Now I have to confess that I am a stationery hoarder of being addicted to both notebooks and pens. I literally find it quite difficult to walk past a pretty notebook or walk out of an office supplies shop without a new pen.

So because of my addiction, I was able to get a new notebook off my shelf and start a daily journal.

Daily Planner

Daily Ritual

I made a commitment to myself to start a few new daily rituals, as some things were lacking after starting to work from home. These included things like drinking enough water and moving my body for 30 minutes each day

I made myself a printable which I have on my wall and have listed 9 small things to keep me on track now. If you would like a copy of this printable fill in the form below and a copy will be emailed to you.

Journaling is another thing on my new daily ritual. And I am loving the results it is giving me.

I’ve heard of people saying of for years, that they journal as part of their morning daily, but I didn’t quite get it. But now I do. I started journalling two weeks ago, and I can notice the difference already.

What to Journal about

So what do I journal about you may ask. (Well my husband did!)

When I journal I start by writing about my day and what I have achieved. I write down my successes and failures. I then write about the lessons I have learned. This is a great exercise, as it helps to not repeat any failures. I go on to write about what my plans are coming out of that day. And then I finish by writing down a few things I am grateful for.

When you are journaling it is a very personal thing. There is no set procedure you have to follow. It is what works best for you.

How does Journaling help

But how does it help?

It helps me because I am constantly focusing on what I am and am not achieving. Where before, days and weeks could go by and I may be doing something towards my goals (or I may not have). I was not as aware, and I did not feel the progress of being one step closer. By writing in a journal daily, I can see and feel the progress. It is like I am helping to write my future.

Now I am keeping myself in check, my goals are always front of mind, and I have already seen massive progress towards my goals in the few weeks that I have been journaling.

So my suggestion would be to grab a book, any blank book. It doesn’t need to be fancy or cost a lot of money. Then just get writing. Make it a new habit that you do daily and watch what changes in your life.

I can’t wait to here how you all go!